"Fuzzy red and blue and green" was my answer to a friends question to the meaning of life. I am not sure where the answer came from, but I know it was a truthful response. Yes, for me life is about color and when I bend it, shape it and capture it; I am an artist.

My projects have one commonality, they are all journeys of one form or another and the art itself is just something I bring home. It is somewhat like when a person goes on vacation they bring back a souvenir. These excursions vary vastly between projects and the outcome shows this. My portfolio titled, E0=1, requires the greatest travel. The destination is an unknown place and time. It is a difficult trip and when I return I am afraid that I may never find my way back. By contrast, my portfolio titled, Island Kingdom, leaves me in real time at a known place on more or less a hunting trip.

Above-Art.Com is my virtual museum; it is not to different from a shoebox filled with old travel photos. The site helps remained me where I have been and assists me in moving forward. I look ahead to more trav-els and the outcome. I will post them here.